In this first installment of three in The Cancer Chronicles, one woman emerges in the end with a stronger sense than ever of who and what she is all about.


Ill Will is a book to be read by cancer patients and others suffering from serious illness, their caregivers, both professional and nonprofessional, and by anyone who has ever asked, “What should I say and how should I act now that she has cancer?”




Excerpt from the Book

Somewhere in the world in the year 2006, a designer has surely taken hold of a doctor’s office and made it something comfortable and inviting—a little color perhaps or a stylish chair to sit in while waiting. Not so this gynecologist’s office—still beige and generally unwelcoming—after all these years. Of course, the gown itself is always a thing of wonder, with almost all of the original bland color washed out of it and enough fabric to wrap around oneself a couple of times.... READ MORE