Ill Will

by Anne Hutcheson

Penney Divan is a well-liked and very powerful high school principal who enjoys her work and lives a very active lifestyle. This is all jeopardized unexpectedly when she learns she has cancer. A diagnosis of cancer, or any life-threatening illness for that matter, pulls at heartstrings and takes the victim and those around her on a roller coaster ride of questions, doubts, and emotions.


Strong and independent, Penney nonetheless finds herself tossed into the formidable throes of guarded diagnoses, treatment protocol dictates, and misguided concern. Her world teetering, Penney must grasp a newfound courage to discover that she is her own best resource, supporter, and advocate.


Diagnosed with a very rare form of breast cancer, Penney must look deep into her spirit to overcome her mounting terror and to begin to build a tenacity that will get her through biopsies, surgery, scans, treatment, her work, and her daily life. As she fights to maintain this spirit, those around her often take a surprising step back.


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